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SteveABC(8 Dallas)January 14, 2011

Does anyone know how to grow Wild Canadian Blueberries. They came frozen and I took the seeds and put them on top of some pure peat. Then i covered them with plastic wrap with a few slits in it to conserve the moisture. Is this right, will it work? If im doing something wrong or if you know what I should do when they sprout that would be great.


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You should have the plastic 4-5" above the soil on some kind of sticks so the moisture doesn't turn into mildew (don't keep it in the sun). And don't keep the soil soaked, just damp. It's very early in the season though to be trying to germinate them - they really should have stayed frozen for another month or so (but don't refreeze now). You put 'none' for your zone - where do you live (it matters)? How deep is the pot they're in?

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I live in an area where wild blueberries grow and I've never heard that wild blueberries could be started from seed - even if you did get some seed germination, it sounds like a very long process before the plant gets a decent size, let alone bears fruit. Is there a way you can go into the bush and dig up wild blueberry plants to transplant them into your home garden? That's what I did last year and planted them next to cultivated ones as you need at least 2 different varieties for fruiting.
BTW blueberries are acid-loving so it's essential they get lots of peat moss and you could even add sulphur to acidify the soil ph.

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SteveABC(8 Dallas)

I am willing to keep them in a pot and throw them in my frezer for the winter. If I cannot get them started would you know where I could get some Wild Canadian plants, or the tubers?

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