How to contain wild succulent growth?

gardenweb88(9)April 22, 2013

I have a Crassula ovata growing in my yard and its sprouting up in places I'd like it not to. Our gardener will buzz off a few branches and the fallen leaves will root where they fall. I have Crassula ovata growing under and within existing bushes. and just all over the place. The smaller stems I can yank out of the ground, root and all. There are some Crassula ovata that have been growing hidden under other bushes that now have 3" thick diameter stems. It'd be incredibly difficult for me to dig out all the roots. I spent the weekend sawing the stems down to inches of the roots. I've read that falling leaves will start new roots and that cutting growth down to the roots will still allow the thing to come back.

How can I control this thing? Can I spray herbicide on those stems that I've already cut down to the ground? My family is intent on keeping the two main Crassula ovata bushes we have. One is 4' tall and the other is close to 6' tall.

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Their roots don't go deep or long, so the non-herbicidal way to go is to sever the trunks slightly below the soil line. I'd think that would eventually kill the plant, but it would give you two or three years of peace anyway. You could likely do it with a sharp square-edged shovel.

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