"Perle Von Nurnberg," Echeveria hybrid HELP

nmd15April 16, 2014

I am new to plants, and this is my second succulent! I know...I haven't repotted it yet and looking to find a little pot small enough for it! However, when I first got it, it was the normal flat flower shape and now it has grown tall. I noticed my other succulent is doing the same thing, growing out of shape and growing up instead of out, I'm not sure why this keeps happening. Also will it ever go back to its original flat flower shape?

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How much sun are they in? These need full sun or the do tend to get unhealthfully etiolated (stretched out).

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Yes, definitely a sun issue. With a lot more sun, the plant will start to grow normally, the leaves will turn upwards and it will get that nice pink/purple color back. However, you will probably want to behead the plant at some point after it starts growing normally, because the stem has gotten so long.

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Yeah, I am guilty for not giving it much sun... I hate my apartment lay out, it's either not much light in the windows or full on scorching heat on my balcony. Right now the weather is great here in south texas so I'm going to put him back outside, I'll just have to be careful when it's full on summer here again My balcony turns into an inferno and gets scorching hot... at one point last summer it made my other succulent leaves all mushy, I'm guessing from the intense heat. You mentioned beheading the plant...I can just directing cut the top off and it won't kill it? I know I can pull leaves off but I'm hesitant on cutting through the stem. Sorry I'm new to this, and really don't know much about my succulent yet!

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I have the same problem, the south-facing window in my apartment scorches my plants while the north-facing window doesn't provide enough light, so I understand! The only time my plants are totally happy is when I can put them outside for the summer, when they are inside it's just a matter of trying to keep them alive but they don't really thrive.

Mushy leaves actually are a sign of a water and/or soil problem -- they indicate that there is too much water around the roots, either from a soil that doesn't drain well or from watering too frequently or both. It may be that when you had them outside you watered more or they got lots of rain. If your plants got sunburn, they would have scarring and dry and crispy, not mushy, leaves. I'll add a photo of a sunburned plant to this post. Also, if you had only heat problems (not sunburn) the leaves would get wrinkled and thin but not mushy.

And, yes, succulents are very resilient and you can chop off their heads! I would wait until it is doing well though with lots of new leaves and a normal growth pattern before doing that. And I would check back on here for advice when you decide to take that step :)

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Wow, thanks for the great advice! I always just thought it was the sun/heat. I'm pretty sure I did water them a lot more when they were out there, so that makes sense. I'll be sure to come back to the forum for advice when it's time to chop of its head! Haha, thanks again!

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