My gold Angel has alot of stems.

silvermist3May 19, 2010

My gold Angel has 8 main stems coming out of the ground every year. Is this normal? I also just bought 5 red Angel seeds, that I will plant tomorrow. Should I expect the same from them?

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That many main stems is certainly not common but I don't think it's anything abnormal. It must be huge. You should post a pic. I wouldn't expect that many main stems from a sanguinea (red brug), or any other variety, for that matter. Where are you located? If you are in a West Coastal area the sanguinea should do well but they don't like the high heat you get in most other parts of the US.

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I live right outside of Shreveport, La. I will be posting pics very soon. Last year it grew to a little over 15 feet tall and more then 15 wide. Right now it is about 2 feet tall.

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haase(10 CA)

Can't wait to see those pictures.

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You might have a problem getting the Sanguineas to bloom because of the heat but you never know. Maybe you'll be one of the lucky ones that's able to get the sangs to bloom away from the West Coast. Your gold brug sounds gorgeous. I'd love to see a pic when it's full grown and in bloom.

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Mine is always covered in flowers from about June 15 to late December. I use alot of fertilizer and water. That seems to work real well.

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ruth_ann(Z5 Ont.Can.)

It is pretty usual if you cut it back low for the winter, it then has to come up from the trunk base and even the roots for the new year's growth. You 'could' air layer one of those stalks for a single specimen but by the sounds of it, this plant just likes to grow multiple stalks.

Seedlings usually grow a single stalk until it gets cut back or damaged. It will however get a nice canopy at the top.

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