Dying Haworthia Fasciata?

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I have a plant that I've had for over a year now. I'm not 100% sure on the species, but I believe it to be a Haworthia Fasciata.

It grew very fast and about a month ago I decided to change it from a very small pot to a nice large one, to promote more growth. Well, I replanted it with cactus and soil succulent mix, allowed it to dry out before watering it, and since repotting it, it seems like it's dying!

I did move it from a sunny/semi sunny area to a very sunny window. It's darkened drastically from it's vibrant green color, however I can see some new green leaves growing inside and around the plant.

I also noticed that the plant is a little wobbly. Do I need to pack it in firmer or lower in the pot?

Can anyone help me to diagnose what is going on with my little plant friend? I would hate to see it die!

Please follow the link below for photos:


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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

I can see the pic but can't really tell what the problem is. I will say that Haworthias do not generally like direct sunlight. They prefer partial shade or underneath a taller plant's cover, for semi-shade.

That mix looks kind of peaty from here, I'd say add lots more perlite (or pumice). Yes, push it firmly into the mix if you can (not deeper, just firmer, use rocks to prop it in place if you must). Don't use a larger pot, generally in succulents, it's recommended one not move up pot size larger than an inch or 2" larger in diameter than the current pot (otherwise it increases the risk of rot).

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Pirate_girl: Well, I wasn't really sure if there was a problem! Do you think it turned very dark green/brown, from being in too direct of sunlight?

Your help is greatly appreciated.

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Yes, it could have turned darker/brownish because of more sun. Those types of Haworthia can even turn reddish from bright sun and drought, then turn back to greenish later. You should move it back to the half sunny spot.

These Haworthia are pretty tough, as long as they don't soak in water. Even if the roots die, it can grow all new roots. Looks like you have an offset, a small baby plant growing from the main plant.

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rosemariero6(z10 /ss24 So. Calif.)

I have one just like yours (H. fasciata). I believe it turned darker from being in the sun. Mine are always in full sun, but it doesn't get very hot here. Theyprobably would like some shade, but I don't have any! Some plants turn brown or red, but these guys go darker green.

I have new pups growing out too. I did go take a look at mine & found it to be wobbly as well. For me, think I found the problem...ANTS...have made their home in it! :( I'll be fixing it up pronto! Do check your roots to see if they are firm (not mushy or rot started) & amend your soil as suggested by Karen above. Yes, I'd say firm it in...after you've checked & amended.

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Thanks so much noki and rosmariero6! I'm so glad to hear that it probably just got too much sun. I'm going to take it to my nearest gardening store this week and have them check up on it , but it looks like the roots are okay. They actually seem slightly dry? I assume that's a good thing?

Fingers crossed for this little guy, I hate when my plants get sick!

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