What should not be grown near Pin Cherrys

greggpFebruary 28, 2010


I've got Pin Cherrys next to my house, in my Kitchen Garden.

Further in the open, I have a tract for herbs and small trellis plants.

My question pertains to Companion Plants.

Savoury and Rosemary fared well last year, as did Cherry Tomatoes. (Pod Peas, less so, but it was a bad year for those anyway.)

One trouble of which I'm aware: Pin Cherry trees attract web worms, and I know to spray tea on my plants to dissuade the gnawers.

The leaves of the Pin Cherry begin to fall in early August, carpeting the ground where my Herbs grow.

I know that these leaves are used in pickling (but don't know why) and generally I'm wondering if there are plants that don't take kindly to the Pin Cherry leaves. I'd like to avoid a few years' of trial and error and error and error.

Do you have any information to share about this?


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sorry. Looks like we don't have any info for you.

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