Anyone growing Justica Carnea in a container in CA?

paulsiu(5a)March 31, 2013

I like to know if anyone is growing Justica Carnea near the bay area in a container. I like to know how easy or difficult it is to grow and what size container will I need (will a 12" pot work)? I am looking to fill a spot that's full shade or partial shade (less than 4 hours of morning sun).


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I'm not in the bay area,i'm in s.calif and I have been growing this for years,but mine is in the ground.I don't think a 12" pot will be big enough.Mine right now is probably 3 to 4 ft tall,but then like I said it's in the ground.I had to go look up the name as I've always called it Brazilian plume.

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bahia(SF Bay Area)

They do fine as a container plant here in the Bay Area, but I'd suggest a larger sized pot, more like 18" diameter by 18" tall as a better fit for the size the plant can get. Tip pinch new growth to promote bushiness, as they can get leggy otherwise, and use a time release fertilizer in the soil mix plus regular liquid feeding to promote continuous bloom.

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I was all ready to get one from Kartuz Greenhouses, but they said that it's a shade plant only if we live in the south. In the bay area, it would need more sun than 3 hours. Do you think that's the case?


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I just planted 12 of these in a row to make (hopefully) an informal flowering hedge in a shaded area along my walk. They are quite small right now but I hear they grow quickly. I hope they work for what I have in mind!

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love_the_yard(z9A Jax FL)

Paul, In zone 9a, you can grow them in the ground. All of mine come back whether covered during freeze or not.

Seegaye, I saw your cross-posts in the Texas forum and Tropicals forum. I hope you saw my reply in the Texas forum.

Carol in Jacksonville, FL

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