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cookie8(zone 5 ON)February 28, 2008

Not sure if it's the right heading but I'm wondering about mixing flowers. Are there combinations that just don't look right together? I have been avoiding lillies because they aren't really my style and thought they would look weird in my garden (mostly cosmos, zinnias, coneflowers and daisies). But I saw a lily tree and want one so bad. Would it be out of place?

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It's a tree and so no I don't see how it can clash with your planting scheme. I suggest that perhaps you pleach the tree (or any multi branching tree) to emphasize the beauty of the tree amongst the backdrop of a your cottage garden bed.


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I've also been seduced by the beauty of the Lily Trees in Breck's spring catalogue and have ordered some. I plan to add them to the "mix" and look forward to seeing what they'll do in my zone 5b garden.
In your garden I think it will be a fabulous addition toward the back as it will quickly tower over the other plants ... the foliage will be a nice backdrop giving more punch to the cosmos, coneflowers and daisies.

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