Brugmansia/ Datura hybrid?

DionKar333(8/9)May 10, 2011

Ok, I was wondering if Brugmansias and Daturas could be hybridized? I ask for two reasons.

1) this would open up some amazing project opportunities, and

2) I saw a strange plant the other day after getting lost driving (I was given strangely hard to follow directions). It had a very dark stem and trunk, large brug leaves, and huge, hanging flowers that were white and purple. It looked like a datura metel fasutuosa and a white brug hybrid, but I wasnt sure if that was possible.

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Hi is there any way you could go back and take a picture? maybe get some seeds or cutting? this ounds very interesting M.N

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I will try to find the area again, but I did get lost the first time, and then only by pure luck was I able to save myself. I will try to find it again later today.

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Ok, after checking the plant out again, and asking the owner, I was informed that it was apparently a datura metel that had been growing for several years, and the flowers had started to nod for some reason.

still would like to know if daturas and brugs can be hybridized.

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grrrnthumb(z8 WA)

It has been done, roughly 50 years ago or so I think. Never happen without laboratory manipulation/conditions though.
- Tom

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Really? That is interesting.... I must do some more research, but now it seems plausible that the plant I saw was in fact a hybrid. Thanks very much for that clue, It was certainly helpful!

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I seriously doubt it was any type of hybrid. I have a couple D. metels whose blooms are so heavy that they nod when fully open. There was a member some years ago that was attempting a brug dat cross. I grew this for a couple generations and all resulting plants looked exactly the same as a Datura wrightii.

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Dion Kar333, would you be able to obtain some seeds? if so your plant would be just as beautiful as the one you saw, and also you could share with me? I can pay postage for you see I LOVE daturas as of today I am trying to grow black swirl currant meteloides, also have dble yello seedlings right now and I am not sure if I have a dble triple white datura but that one is barely sprouting so not too sure of that one I do however have one from last year and she is dble white with a hint of beige and the outside of the flower has a light green outline, I have read that there is a pure white datura-dble-. I also have single white datura something called jimsinweed or moonflower very fragant at night dusk. I could send you some seeds for the dats that I have except from the last one I mentioned for I do not have any seeds for that one, but hoping to get some this summer. M.N.

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Umm....I found that kinda hard to follow. So, do you want daturas or brugmansias? I have daturas metel (double purple, wrightii, and stramonium, and I have noid brugmansia cuttings....

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Oh I am sorry I love both I have both brugs and daturas, single white datura single white brugmansia dble white Brug not sure of the dble white datura,have purple datura, dble yellow datura single yellow Brugmansia I was just curious about the Hybrid you mentioned. M.N.

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From what I've read, they are not genetically related closely enough to be easily hybridized. One is herbaceous and one is woody. Even though they are in the same family, they are not the same genus. It would be like trying to cross a potato and a pepper, which is impossible.

I guess in this age of GMO's, there is always hope, right?

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Well, the natural method of hybridizing them is thoroughly debunked. I suppose genetic modification is possible, though I am resolutely against that on moral and ethical grounds. GMO's are just wrong. On many levels.

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