Sunburned Jade Tree

annie_712(4-Rochester)April 29, 2012

I have 14 year old jade tree.The weather here warmed up and I put it outdoors, before the trees were leafed out. Needless to say it got direct sunlight and now the leaves are sunburned and shriveled and slowly dropping off. I am very bummed out. I love this plant. Should I removed the sunburned leaves, give it water and will it come back? I am so mad at myself. I just don't want to lose this beauty. It has a very special meaning to me. Thanks to anyone that can help.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

If it's a Jade (Crassula ovata), all the leaves will grow back. No worries :-)


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Anne, as Josh says, it will come back. Keep doing what you're doing and the sunburned leaves will die, but new leaves will replace them. If you wanted to, you could preemptively remove the burned leaves. As long as it's not too warm and too humid your plant's going to grow.

For the care of your Crassula ovata shrubbery, may I recommend you do a search here for those posts with perhaps more than 10 responses - your plant will thank you for the preventive maintenance.

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Thanks so much for the advice, Josh and Cactus! I really appreciate it!

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