New Venice Courtyard in Mostly Shade: what should i plant?

losfelizdirtMarch 19, 2010

i have about a 20 by 20 space to grow in Venice right off the beach. It is the first time I am planting in shade. It is surrounded on all sides by two story buildings.

Any suggestions? i'm considering going somewhat "tropical" -- with bamboo, elephant ears, and lots of jasmines to climb up to the sun....

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Your 20 by 20 space may look large when bare, but you may quickly overcome the space with the rampant growers you mentioned. Al

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yep i know! but the bamboo is all clumping. it's not a lot of space! im just wondering if anything comes to mind :)

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bahia(SF Bay Area)

Continuing with the tropical theme, bromeliads, palms, ferns, Heliconias, Vireya rhododendrons, Begonias,etc.

Some of my favorite shade plants in the above categories would include Neoregelias, Vreasias, Alcantarea imperialis rubra, Chamaedorea plumosa, C. tepelijote, C. costaricana, Rhopalostylis chathamica, Howeia forsteriana, Blechnum gibbum, Cibotium glaucum, Cyathea medularis, Asparagus densiflorus 'Meyers', Asparagus retrofractus, Heliconia scheideana, H. latispatha, H. aurantiaca, Rex Begonias, Begonia 'Irene Ness', Schefflera pueckleri variegata, to name a few.

For nearly year round flowers, things like Abutilons, Iochromas, Fuchsia boliviana, Clivia miniata and C. nobilis, Neomarica caerulea, and colorful foliage plants such as Iresine herbstii, Stromanthe sanguinea, Clerodendrum quadroliculare 'Brandonii', Aucuba japonica variegata are also nice and easy.

For clumping bamboos, Drepanostachyum falcatum 'Teague's Blue', Chusquea coronalis, Otatea acuminata 'Aztectorum', Phyllostachys nigra, and Sasa palmata var nebulosa are personal favorites, with the running ones in containers.

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