Water source for maple

laila_2009March 20, 2013

My maple Palmatum ozakazuki has survived me since August, with watering during dry season, but not wet season. The leaves are about to uncurl from the large breaking buds. I want to hook it up to something like a drip line, that would come from a hose downhill, which would have a splitter and a timer. I would want to put the hose at the edges of the rest of the yard, possibly putting a drip line near other plants intermittently, with non drip hoses. I have a picture in the gallery of the planter where the tree is now. Lots of fog in our area, small amounts of hot weather

Question: Is this a good plan? What are good brands for timers, hoses, splitters? Is there a easier way, like a titration apparatus?

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calistoga_al ca 15 usda 9

Here I have three acer palmatums on a drip doing very well. During the winter the drip is off. How often you water will depend on your exposure and soil type. Al

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went to home depot and got flexible hose that they sell by the 100 ft. will poke presure feeders into it, and hold in place by metal prongs that are bendable. How long does this type of hose last? I let them know it will probably not be covered, except for the drip zones with mulch

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calistoga_al ca 15 usda 9

Half inch drip tubing lasts for at least 10 years here, much of it uncovered. It is the emitters that give the trouble especially if you are on well water. Where there is a difference in elevation, such as a hillside, you will need to choose pressure compensated emitters to get a relatively equal flow, up and down the hill. Al

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