yankee_in_va(z7 VA)March 15, 2006

I really want to plant a camellia or two soon. I just went to a nursery and was overwhelmed with the tent full of different varieties. From reading, I think I want a sasanqua due to it's hardiness, but it seems there are many different kinds of those. My area has clay soil, slightly acidic, with filtered sun. How should I narrow down the selection?

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Arl_Tom(z7A VA)

Hi Yankee,

The CSPV.org site has a great deal of information about camellias that are suited to colder climates. The webpage connected to the link below doesn't have pictures, but if you do a Google image search you can find pictures for most of them. If you like pink, then 'Jerry Hill' is excellent.


Here is a link that might be useful: U.S. National Arboretum/Ackerman Camellia Hybrids

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yankee_in_va(z7 VA)

Thanks for the link and info, Tom.

One more question - will the plants in the nursery be labelled Ackerman and then then Frost Prince? Or will I just need to know that Frost Prince is an Ackerman hybrid?

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Arl_Tom(z7A VA)

Hi Yankee,

I doubt that you will see Dr. Ackerman's name on the plant label at the Nursery. He developed many of them when he worked for USDA. Usually, it's just the plant name on the label. Hope this helps.


Here is a link that might be useful: National Arboretum Introductions

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