I bought a cultivar labeled 'Hilda Honeycutt' and want to know ..

kevin_dunhamMarch 15, 2009


I bought a cultivar labeled "Hilda Honeycutt" and want to know if anyone can tell me anything about this cultivar - what zones it tolerates, what it likes or dislikes, any experiences you have had with "Hilda".

It is a beautiful plant - dark glossy leaves and rose-red formal blossoms. So, I hope it will work for me in my zone. I am willing to pamper it, which I may have to do since my area is amrginal for camellia cultivation.

Thank you for your help.

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Kevin, I did not find the listing in the nomenclature books nor in the International Camllia Register. Perhaps you could contact your nursery and get advise from them and the grower.
It will be interesting to hear about it as it sounds very nice.
Perhaps it has not been registered yet with the American Camellia Society.

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Thank you for your response, Florence, - I will check with the nursery (Pope Plant Farms of Tennessee)and let you know what I find out!


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are you still looking for info on cam hilda honeycut

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Reviving this thread so I can hopefully learn about this cultivar. Bought mine from Lowes this fall but can't find any info or pictures online. Will try to post a picture of the bloom one they start to open so others can see what it looks like due to the lack of info out there who n this one.

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