Camellia? (time sensitive!)

cfox248(3)March 24, 2014

Hey all!

I'm noticing that has a 50% off sale going on right now. I've already got an order from them waiting to ship to me (currently too cold here) and I'm really considering adding a Camellia to that list as long as it's on sale - and that sale ends at midnight, so I don't have long to make a decision!

Has anybody bought a Camellia from them before? What kind is it - obviously a Camellia but there are different varieties, and it doesn't state on the site. The camellia would be grown in a pot and pruned to be kept small indoors for the winter, because here we have more winter than summer . Would this be an okay variety for that?

thanks everyone! I drink tea like a fiend so this would be a great way to support my own habit.

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If you're planning to make tea from the leaves, you'll want a Camellia sinensis. Most ornamental camellias such as Camellia japonica won't be much good as a provider of tea leaves. The only 4 camellias I saw listed at the FGT site were ornamental types, and not tea camellias.

I've seen the fast-growing trees web site before, but don't know anything about the quality of their plants.

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It's right here:

They do have a warranty on that particular plant for 3 dollars - a one year, if it dies we refund you warranty. Maybe I'll give it a go... I've never ordered from them, but they seem to have alright reviews, nothing majorly awful

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I guess I missed it. If you ordered it, I hope it will be fine- probably it will be, but my understanding is that one plant won't supply enough leaves for tea. You may want to take a few cuttings from your plant to propagate more plants, and/or you might want to try growing plants from seed.

Camellia Forest in NC sells both plants and seeds if you're interested in having more than just one. The link to their web site is below.

Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Camellia Forest link

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I plan to propegate with cuttings for sure. I live in a smallish Duplex - I thought I'd start with one big plant, and have a few cuttings growing. That way when I move to a bigger property and can have tons of plants they'll be starting to get bigger.

I also do plan to order from Camellia Forest when I have some more space, to get one of the tree-like Camellias instead of the shrub style. (Don't remember the type off hand.)

I will update when the plants arrive as to its condition and some pictures in case anybody in the future has the same question :)

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