How much shade is required???

Temecula(z9/19 CA)March 10, 2005

I have a Nuccio's Gem and Nuccio's Pearl and am considering where to locate them in my garden. The shadiest part of my garden, the north, is already full of camellias and other shade lovers, so it is out of the question. There is a spot on the east side under a pergola where we have "bright" shade, but it gets sun in the morning until about noon, maybe 1 pm. How does that sound?


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whybuywhatyoucangrow(z9 Burbank)

Similar conditions in Burbank which is hotter than you have worked fine for over thirty years. I have four assorted under the canopy of a fairly high Magnolia that receive solid morning and filtered afternoon sun, but are well protected throughout the midday and could not be happier. Have you ever heard the Nuccio's speak? They do a few presentations throughout the Southland every year i.e. Master Gardener training, Descanso and Huntington. They're worth visiting in Altadena.

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Speaking of Descanso and Huntington, both these camellia collections are located under a canopy of native live oaks.

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