California Blueberries?

socksMarch 31, 2009

I saw the blueberry plants at the nursery and got the one called O'Neal. I might have to put it in a pot since there will be work done on the home and plants will get mashed.

There was another called Sunshine which I might exchange for since it's a little shorter and might work better in a pot.

Anyone grow these in hot, inland valleys? I was wondering about bright shade, maybe a little direct sun in the a.m.

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wanda(Z9 CA)

I've got 3 'Sunshine's'. One is in a 1/2 barrel and gets on and off sun all day. The other 2 get sun til around 1 or 2 depending on the time of year and all 3 do great. I really like them because they only grow to 3' and they're evergreen. The berries are sweet and good, but not the largest berry.
I'm in San Jose, so not exactly "hot inland valley". Just be sure to use acidic soil and regular water.


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I switched and got the Sunshine. Put it in a large pot, maybe not as big as a barrel though. Used a package of azalea and camellia mix. I never thought we'd have blueberries to grow in CA! Thanks for the reply.

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

My 'Sunshine Blue's are going into their 3rd year. I have them in 20" pots in azalea mix, and add a little more peat moss every year. They are wonderful. I had to add some bird netting last year to protect the crop. The fruit is delicious!

Don't ever let them dry out--they don't like that.

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To learn more about blueberries for So. Calif. come to the May 11 meeting of the San Diego Horticultural Society. Experts will talk about the best blueberries, herbs, Oriental veggies, tomatoes and unusual fruits for So. California.

Here is a link that might be useful: San Diego Horticultural Society

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Yes, definately acid loving plant! Amend whith the appropriate acid fertilizer/soil amendment. Anything for azaleas/gardenias will do. Interesting tidbit.......Years ago, according to Lorraine Small, former garden editor of the Riverside Press Enterprise, there was actually a Blueberry grower in the north Riverside area, around the Sierra/ whatever that street is that goes to the 60 freeway.

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

Informative thread. I have Sharpblue, Sunshine Blue and O'Neal all in containers in the HOT coachella valley. They are all doing fine, but no berries yet. Just planted them. I will be sure not to let them dry out and have acid fertilizer on my shopping list. Thanks for all your advice!

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Socks- Just say "NO" to blueberries in CA. I've beat this thing up one side and down the other. Blueberries just don't like our dry heat. I've seen some success in pots, but poor return for the effort. I've seen otherwise very successful commercial growers throw in the towel in CA. Get over it and plant labrusca grapes like Glenora (better than Oregon blueberries according to my berry-fiend wife), Jupiter and Steuben.

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Blueberries do wonderful in the Sacramento area! Two of mine have been in the ground for two years and the other for four. I have three different varieties, one being Misty (the other two I'd have to look up). I expect to get over 500 berries out of the three plants this year, based on the more than 200 we got last year and the number of blooms this spring.

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I have two Sunshine Blues planted here in Sacramento, and I agree, they do very well. I do basically nothing for them except mulch (i.e., don't rake my leaves) and water twice a week. My soil tends to be fairly acidic and I never have to give supplemental fertilizer to my azaleas, so I thought the blueberries were worth a try. They get bright shade with winter sun, and we get a very decent crop every year considering how little effort we put in. Enough to have blueberries on our cereal every day all summer, anyway. They've been in the ground for maybe five years? I finally pruned them this winter but that's the only thing I've ever done to them.

I would like to plant half a dozen more and have enough berries to freeze for winter. They are great for lazy gardeners like me.

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Sorry, Fruithack, it's too late!! The bush is in a pot, planted in azalea/camelia potting mix. It has been in there since about April 1--and this really is a joke because although the plant has not died, it has not grown or changed one bit in nearly 3 weeks.

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tammysf(9b/10a or sz15/16)

my neighbors have had great success with blueberries...i think the secret is to get southern high bush varieties.

here is a link of blueberry trial varieties that do well in Santa Clara COunty (Bay Area).

i just bought 2 sunshine and 2 misti and our local costco even has blueberry bushes for sale around january (they were sold out by the time i went)...

Here is a link that might be useful: Blueberry Trial Varieties

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I bought a Chippewa Blueberry about a month ago, got around to planting it in a container about 2 weeks ago. It was just twigs sticking out of the dirt when I got it but its starting to fill out a bit now. There are about two dozen blossoms on it now (not bad considering its only got about 3 dozen leaves). I water daily. I live in Contra Costa County and they seem to be doing fine here.

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trungson(9b San Jose CA)

Anyone know how much spacing should I plant them in container? I mean can I fit more than one in a 20-inch large pot?

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I doubt that you would want to plant more than one per 20" container... My largest blueberry is now over 6' tall and 4' wide. Even my two smaller plants would more than fill a container that size...

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tammysf(9b/10a or sz15/16)

i planted 4 (2 misty, 2 sunshine) about 2 weeks ago and so far so good...lots of blossoms and even a few small blueberries.

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