More than I bargained for - yaaaay!!!

mcpeg(5a)February 22, 2012

Murphy's law - start sorting seed packets only to get a call that a wood delivery scheduled tomorrow is coming today instead. Cancel starting to plant perennial flower seeds to shift wood pile around.....

On a happier note while sorting last years seeds I discovered:

Wonderberry, Gojo, marigold (bulk seeds), cucumber, yellow zucchini, tiger melon, godetia and some more surprises. cleaned out my seed basket of other clutter and I'm really chomping at the bit now. Have my heating tray set up too, ready to start tough seedlings.

But I have to finish my drink and get back at moving the wood around before the delivery of another batch (insurance batch - we may have enough to burn but not sure).

Have you found any surprises in your seed collection that you forgot about? I'm just tickled pink.



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Planted wonderberry, gogi and blue delphinium a few days ago. Today I'm doing perennial blue salvia, marigolds, soaking old hollyhock seeds for 24 hours before planting. Discovered (forgot) I have marshmallow hollyhock from a trade so they're soaking. Researched marshmallow hollyhock on the net as it was used for making candy a century ago and apparently the leaves (rust free) are good for other things too. Also planting different types of echinacea today. Have a tray of alaskan daisy I grew last winter that never got planted in the garden - still very small plants so I'm potting those up today too.

I'm in my glory today - and it's sunny!

Whacha up to? Do tell, do tell!

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I got an amaryllis bulb last year around Christmas, and I thought I had killed it after all it's leaves died, but it started growing last month and it turns out it had a baby! So I'm super excited! I started some goji berries too, and some cumin, foxgloves, lupins, delphiniums, asparagus and stevia. They're almost big enough to re-pot now!

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Congratulations LilacIsLove on being a new Momma. Don't ya just love surprises? The Goji berries will fruit next year from what I've read. I got stevia growing last year but obviously did not read enough on them. I thought they were perennial - they are not. I should have brought the plants inside for the winter. Well, duh! I've grown lots of asparagus from seeds. Worth the effort. By the 3rd summer they produce like crazy. Did your delphiniiums come up? If so where did you get your seed from? I've not had much success for some reason getting them to grow from seeds.

I must say it's very addictive once you get started growing from seeds.

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Thanks! The new amaryllis is very small with only two leaves, so I don't think it will flower this time around, but it's still very neat. I planted some goji berry last year, but I lost track of them, so I figured I should start some more this year just in case!
My Delphiniums did come up. They were from wal-mart, McKenzie seeds.
I got a basking lightbulb for reptiles from pet valu for $12. It imitates sun light, and is very warm so it works well as a grow light, and fits in a regular desk lamp. It's working great so far!
I'm excited for the asparagus. I've never grown it before, since I'm the only one in the family that likes it, but this year I thought, 'oh why not!'

Haha, seed starting is addictive! I'm already planning what to start next! What about you?

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I'm bashing through 7 varieties of hollyhocks from trades. Some seeds I never got around to planting and are a few years old so I've soaked them in separate little bowls of water for 24 hours and just going to plant them shortly. Then I'm doing echinacea. I want to get more of that and more lupins to start. I keep growing some perennials every year to keep things going and I will start some annuals soon too.

Addiction? Where? Who?

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I finally got started today with tomatoes and eggplants flowers are soon. I have 4 varieties of tomato and 4 of eggplant started.
I am happy with my selection this year.


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How is your blue delphinium growing I am growing some this year but not sure and could use some advice.


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I moved them all into my utility room for total darkness - so far I have a few, lost about 6 because I forgot to check them! I now know they need darkness to germinate. Probably going to get some more seeds and take another bash at this. I find delphiniums a real challenge. I'm wondering if I should put some others trays in the dark too since they are not germinating at this point.

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