Yellow camellia, C. Chrysantha

panos_2010(9b, SE Europe)March 10, 2010

A yellow Camellia, a yellow camellia! My kingdom for a yellow camellia! Hello camellia lovers! I'm google-ing over a month or so but cannot find a single seed not to mention plant or seedling of C. Chrysantha (or Thea Chrysantha or Niditissima or Yellow camellia)! Can anyone help me with this?

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Nuccios nurseries in Altadena California has them

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panos_2010(9b, SE Europe)

Thanks "dawgone"! I'll send a mail to them cause they don't have a web site!

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

They have had a site up for some years but today when I try to navigate pages at links coming up in the first few hits at the top of the Google search results page nothing happens, maybe that is what you meant.

Hopefully an easily found, working web site will be up again soon.

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panos_2010(9b, SE Europe)

Yes,"bboy" that's exactly what I've meant. There is a web site but malfunctioning.

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Camellia Forest carries C. chrysanthoides--not sure if that's a syn. for chrysantha, but also a yellow. Love them as well as Nuccio's.

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Currently, there are more than thirty species and subspecies of yellow camellias. Also, some hybrid cultivars. Most of these species yellow petals, are very difficult to achieve in the market. *Camellia nitidissima, *Camellia chrysantha and *Camellia chrysanthoides are available but with some difficulty. The real difficulty is keeping them alive. The flowers of these three species have a similar, but their names are not synonymous. All three species belong to the sub-genus Thea. But Camellia nitidissima belongs to Section *Coralina and *Camellia chrysanthoides and *Camellia chrysantha and belong to the Section *Chrysantha. I should add that today, even using different taxonomic classifications for the genus Camellia, and this sometimes causes confusion.
Daniel D.F. oKintos

Camellia nitidissima

Camellia chrysantha

Camellia chrysantoides

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panos_2010(9b, SE Europe)

Thanks Daniel for the detailed and illustrative information about yellow camellias. All though I am relatively new to camellia culture I understand that yellows are difficult to resist to our climatic conditions of Northern Hemisphere because they are a tropical plant and hence we should treat them accordingly!

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It is very difficult to get the right conditions to live the yellow camellias. The endemic species of southern China and northern Vietnam, living in a tropical climate. But living at a height where the maximum and minimum temperatures are never extreme. The rainfall is the "Monsoon." (I do not know if "Monzón" is read as in English).

I had a Camellia nitidissima. He died a year later. As I die almost every fan. Until we learn some details. My yellow camellia died because they were too protected. In all camellias, they like to live abroad. They do not like the greenhouse. Neither live in the house. We must protect them from hot sun and frost.

I show you a photograph of a visit to a great fan of Portugal. Dr. Gil Ferreira. He had in his garden, over a thousand varieties of camellia. The structure is behind the source, is to keep the sun and frost your Camellia nitidissima.( Cubic structure and closed with a mesh). This camellia, measuring about three meters in height.
The picture above showed a Camellia nitidissima flower, the camellia was Dr. Gil Ferreira, he was so protected.
Daniel D.F. oKintos

Here is a link that might be useful: Sotomayor Castle Camellia Show (Slideshow)

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panos_2010(9b, SE Europe)

Thanks Daniel for the beautiful slide show from the Sotomayor Castle! Really enjoyed it! Specially liked the pic with the camellia tree!!
I think you are right what you've written; camellias should not be so protected! If i get this camellia chysantha I'm looking for I'll put it side by side with my gardenia plants...perhaps they thrive like them and do not die back! We will see!

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