new dahlia question

ianna(Z5b)February 11, 2009

I'm happy to say my dahlia bulbs that survived this winter despite it's rough start(left it too long in an unheated garage and it froze up.) and is now showing new growth - little spindly growth. But now what should I do? It's only Feb. - and I think potting up dahlias begin in March or April. Anyone have ideas on what to do next?


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how tiny and spindly is it? I would think that if it is just a few very thin shoots , I would be inclined to break them off and put them back in a cool dark place. Last year I had brought a couple of pots of dahlias in and put them in the basement. I found some growth over the winter and snapped it off. they were white, thin, shoots. They grew fine when I did bring them up a while later. Maybe just fertilize them a bit extra after they get some good growth on them. Not sure if this would be the 'right' way to do it but since they are growing your only other choice is to pot them up. Maybe potting them up wouldn't be so bad either. It would sure give them a good head start! :)

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GG - That seems logical. I mean if you come to think of it, the bulb is expending energy to produce these very thin shoots and it's still got a month to go before it has to be potted. I think I will do just this and see what happens. Thanks.


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I was surfing around the forums tonight and seen this post. You can remove the new shoots as long as the "eye" they are growing from isnt damaged. If it is it might not grow another shoot from there. Pinch or cut them off above the eye..Jean

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