ID help...hummingbird clearwing moth?

monkeybelle(7A NJ (Camden County))July 12, 2012

I have never seen one of these before in my life. Does anyone know if it is a hummingbird clearwing moth?

And minutes later, my first spicebush swallowtail of the year. Only stayed for a minutes, but that means more are coming, right? :)


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misssherry(Z8/9SE MS)

Yes, it's a hummingbird clearwing moth, Sandy, and what a beautiful picture of it!

The picture of the spicebush swallowtail is beautiful, too!
I hope you'll be seeing more of them. They lay their eggs on spicebushes and sassafras, so you could look around for caterpillars and/or eggs on either of those two host plants. I've raised about ?6 or 7 of them so far this year.



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monkeybelle(7A NJ (Camden County))

Thank you for the confirmation on the moth! I almost didn't get any pictures-I didn't know what it was and just watched it from inside the house until I was fairly certain that it wasn't a mutant hornet or something! How exciting to see something new!

I will definately keep an eye out for caterpillars. There are some houses with what I think are spicebushes in my neighborhood, I assume that's where they are coming from. There were several s. swallowtails that visited last year so I was looking forward to their arrival this summer as well!

Thanks again!

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