Brug foliage color (are they all the same) Pics

lovetogrowflowers(8)May 18, 2011

Just curious really, and of course a little worried as usual. lol, thats what you get with me.

Anyway, two of these pics are of the same plant and is the one surrounded by the copper. It's a white blooming brug. Even last year I had trouble with this brug (my favorte). The foliage color never seems right, and it's the one that mainly gets eat up by slugs. It gets fertilized the same as all the rest as well.

Pics and todays questions below: :)

Notice also in the two pics, the foliage drooping over at the tip on a few pieces of foliage. Sometimes it seems as if it's a damaged vein I guess you would call it. I can straighten it out actually, but by days end it'll fall again. I noticed another leaf on a different brug doing this the other day as well which was just floppy and couldn't be straightened out at all. Almost like it was wilting only at the tip.


After straightening out:

Another brug pic to compare foliage color:

Sorry if they look terrible. I'm doing the best I can to care for them.


1. What would call the foliage tips to droop, almost like wilting at the tips only?

2. What about foliage color? Are brugs all supposed to have the same color foliage?

The pics above, the light green brug (being destroyed by slugs) gets morning sun and a little afternoon sun as well.

The other darker green barely touched by any bugs gets full sun and both receive same amount of fertilizer.

3: Also add any advice or suggestions you have about the foliage color. Maybe something I am doing wrong. I added epsom salt about three days ago. This same light green brug did this last year as well and was also given epsom salt as well.

Here's some pics of it last year. the color wasn't right then either in my opinion, but what do i know? What could it be lacking?

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I can't address the drooping and from the pics wouldn't worry about it. Brug foliage varies in color, shape and texture. Some have deep green foliage and others a light lime green with all shades in between. Even plants of the same variety can have different color foliage depending on growing conditions. Sometimes light foliage is due to a deficiency. If the epsom salts didn't help it might be a calcium deficiency or some other trace mineral. I like Cal-Mag Plus along with a dose of Superthrive. Looking at the pics your plants look fine. Even the slug damage doesn't look too bad.

Here is a link that might be useful: cal mag plus

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Thanks Karyn. You always seem to make me feel better. I try so hard and the OCD doesn't help much. I worry about them constantly. Lol. Seeing my neighbors up the road already 3 ft tall is killing me. I mean seriously. I have to drive by hers everyday. Maybe it's the full sun and hers is just growing faster. I hope mine catch up. Thanks again.

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