Book on growing under lights

drhughFebruary 20, 2007

Does anyone have recommendations as to the subject of growing under lights?

Let me explain...

I am an immigrant from England, so I am itching to get my plants started  itÂs genetic. I bought from a neighbour his equipment for growing plants under lights - just small as a start. (Next season - it will be larger; we have a lot of space)

Now being a fanatical gardener I know all the problems of disease, temperature, humidity etc etc, so does anyone know a good book I can buy or a good Webb site.


Prof Hugh Phillips PhD

P.S my French Canadian wife is asking why we donÂt have early salads, as we did from the green house in 'Angleterre'. Come on guys save a gastronomically based marriage.

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There's a forum in there about indoor gardening or even greenhouse gardening. They might be able to point you to excellent books.

I have a single tiered lighting table top lighting unit and I find growing plants under it pretty much straight forward and so can you clarify what kind of information are you seeking? And curiously, are there no books in the UK on this subject?


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