camellia identification! aha!

tamibeep(z7 GA)March 30, 2006

I just had to tell somebody about how excited I am!

We bought a house about three years ago that was previously owned by a woman who was an avid gardener. Unfortunately, her son rented the house for about fifteen years after she passed away, and didn't bother with getting anybody to take care of her gardens. You can't even imagine how much clearing out there is to do, and I had no idea what I was doing. I was forever taking pictures of mysterious plants and emailing them to friends asking if I should fertilize it or pull it out.

She was very fond of camellias, so I've inherited a lovely collection of plants and have been trying to learn how not to kill the poor things with good intentions. There must be thirty or forty different plants here. And today, I identified two of them! My favorite pink one in the front yard is a Debutante, and my favorite pink one in the back is a Pink Perfection!!

I was very excited. However, there is nobody else in the house who appreciated what a major accomplishment that was for someone who once killed an air plant. So I thought I would share it with some people who might get equally excited about camellias.

Two down... thirtysomething to go!

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Congratulations! That reminds me that I have to replace my Debutante. I did not pay attention when the 2005 drought affected it and it dried up. Will wait until the local vendors get new ones next Fall. I too went thru the whatisthat years when I bought my house. I could not tell a plant from a weed then! And yes, for a while, I did have a few "nice" weeds growing there. Hee hee hee

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