"Cleaning" a Dirty Cactus

plantomaniac08(8)April 7, 2014

I just bought this Rebutia muscula and I've noticed it looks a bit... dirty. Is there a safe way to clean it up? I'd like it to be as white as its babies, but if there's no safe way to do this, I'll just enjoy it anyway, dirtiness and all.


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greenclaws UKzone8a

Hi Beth, I only have one 'spikey', a Saguaro which often collects odd bits and bobs amongst its many spines and I use a 1/2inch round paintbrush to spring clean it of the dead flies/spiders/dust that it collects in the g/h. Would a damp brush work, but I'm wondering if this is just a normal ageing process that gives some of the colour change in the spines?
Gill UK

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I think it is just the natural colour of the spines as they age.


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Not sure if dirty or just natural colour. But if you really want to clean, you can get a brush and compressed air can for cleaning electronics. Use brush to loosen the dirt and air flow to fly away the dust. This is what I can think of, Ive never cleaned a cactus like this but I have cleaned computer parts like this.

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Gill & Christopher,
Thanks. I am beginning to re-think this myself, maybe it is just normal coloring from age.

I did attempt to clean it with some compressed air, thank you for the tip. I can't say anything "came out" and it looks the same. It must just be normal coloring from age.


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It looks like normal coloring to me.


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Thanks! That seems to be the consensus from responses, so I'm going to go with, it's not dirty lol.


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