Floppy stems on Jerry Donen

minflick(9b/7, Boulder Creek, CA)April 24, 2012

I have a Jerry Donen that was in a pot (8-15 gal.) until a month ago or so. It has buds and very thin and spindly stems that were fine until the flowers opened. Now, the weight of the flowers had tilted the branches such that the flowers now point down. Last spring, while in the pot, the flowers either didn't weigh so much, or I don't know, but the thing wasn't floppy like it is now. I don't expect to change it for this season, but is there anything I can do for next year that will encourage stronger growth that can support the blooms?

The plant is a little over 24" tall now, I'd expect it to be taller next year, but this spindly branch business is annoying on a plant that has beautiful blooms I'd LOVE to see oriented the way they're supposed to be! Feed it? Prune it? What should I do - anything???

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Hello, minflick. Older stems can handle more weight as they get bigger and thicker. You can also reduce the number of blooms like some people do with certain fruit trees. Did it ever have a mineral defficiency while on the pot? Do you know if it got too much shade? Luis

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minflick(9b/7, Boulder Creek, CA)

It's more likely to be a mineral deficiency than a shade issue, because I have another camellia that was in a pot right next to it, with the same sun/shade mix, and it's fine. It's entirely possible that I failed to mix in fert or manure identically in both pots.. I'll have to watch the buds next year and possibly thin them. Hopefully, now that it's in the ground, it will grow gangbusters and be a healthy strong plant.


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Sounds good!

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