selecting branches for pruning/air layering

compost_angel(7b)April 10, 2014

Hi all,

I have four very overgrown camellia bushes along the side of my carport. They are easily 10' tall and haven't been pruned in many years, if ever. I would like to start air layering them, and need advice on selecting branches. Do branches on a particular part of the plant respond better to air layering? Any advice on how to air layer several branches and still have an aesthetically pleasing plant when I'm done? I'm hoping to air layer branches as thick as my finger. Are those too big?

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The only suggestion I have heard of regarding particular parts of the plant that respond better to air layering deals with removing 1.5 to 2 times the diameter of the branch and to do this 1-2 feet of the tip of the limb. So the branches should not be too thick, definitely smaller than my fingers! :o)

You could do air layering on branches that are pointing away from the main/front of the shrub. Most of my camellias are against the house so I would choose branches that point towards the house so their absence (when cut) is not obvious and the plant still looks fine when looked from the front.

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