Several Wildflower Plant ID's???

imabirdnutJuly 15, 2011

I have several flowers that were either volunteers in my garden or I found on the side of the road...please help me ID them??? Are they BF host plants???

#1 Found as volunteer in my Tomatoe Garden in May & was about 5 ft tall...

#2 Found along side of road in July & is definitely in the Pea family---clusters of blusih-purple flowers

#3 Found in my Wildflower area in March--was about 1-2ft tall with 1-2"red flowers, maybe came out of a wildflower seed mix

I collected seeds from #2 & am planning to scatter them in my wildflower area for next year.

Thanks for your help with these & I'm also posting this thread in the Native Plant section!

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Wildflower #3 is Adonis aestivalis, aka Summer Pheasant's Eye. It's generally considered a self-seeding annual...of course you are in you may be immune to the vagaries the rest of us face ;-)

Here is a link that might be useful: Wildflower #3 identified

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Number one is bad news, it's Yellow Sweet Clover, Melilotus officinalis. Intentionally introduced from Eurasia in the early 1900s as a forage crop, it has since escaped cultivation and is rapidly displacing native flora and bugs. It has a white-flowered form as well. Click this link to read more-- get rid of it while you can! Every seed is viable..

Here is a link that might be useful: Invasive White or Yellow Sweet Clover

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Still waiting to get an ID on #2...someone thought it was alfalfa but it doesn't look anything like the alfalfa I've got growing for my BFs! It is more shrubby than the alfalfa. I am planning to grow some next season to see if I get BFs on it. It was growing on the side of the road here west of DFW. It could be a cover crop that has escaped in our rural area...but it's really a pretty blusih/purple blooming summer plant.

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