Identification of historical Camellia

ExochordaApril 16, 2012


Any ideas on the identification of this camellia?

It is pure white, with blooms 3.5 inches across. The bushes/trees are next to a semi-derelict historic cottage, built by a Japanese settler family in SW British Columbia, Canada (in the mild Pacific Northwest coastal climate). It was probably planted in the 1930s or 1950s but are still only 5m (16-17 feet) high, with thin rather greyish trunks. This year it is in full bloom now (16 April).

I've posted a set of photos on flickr:

Any ideas as to what this camellia might be would be very gratefully received!


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Dear Exochorda,
The camellia may be 'Purity,' an old formal double japonica variety, that, I believe, is commonly grown on the West Coast, particularly in California. 'Purity' has several synonyms, one being 'Neige d'Oree.' With there being hundreds, if not thousands, of named camellia cultivars, I'm certainly not sure the one in question is 'Purity.' But it may be.

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It appears to have a bit of cream in the center, making me believe that it could be 'Morning Glow'.

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