Mealy Bugs?

hobbes812(7)February 9, 2009


I've discovered tiny, tiny white stationary bugs on some of my plants. I looked on this site and it states that what I might have might be Mealy Bugs. My 2 pepper plants are really suffering and so far the bugs haven't migrated to my other plants. Can anyone tell me what these tiny creatures are and how to rid my plants of them.



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green_thumb_guy(Z5 Ont)

I found that if you use a Q-tip and rubbing alcohol you can dab the larger ones to kill them asap and prevent them from producing any more. Then I have used trounce to spray the areas where they sit to kill the little ones.

I had to do this for some African viloets I was given. Kept them isolated from my other plants until they were clean.

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I would simply enclosed the plant in large plastic bags, spray pyrethium based insecticides and let it stay that way for a few hours. This way, you capture all the bugs.

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