Camellia leaves coppery color but blooming

Bruce0806(Z-7 Graham NC)April 6, 2005

I have a Camellia (not sure which variety) planted on the east side of my house for a year and a half now. It is about 3 feet high now. It was healthy all last spring, summer, and fall, and has bloomed both springs. Since it did well for one whole summer, I'm assuming that it doesn't get too much sun.

During this past winter, it seeems to have turned brownish, but produced many blooms (they are just opening well now). The plant looks like hell, but still appears to be ok. Did cold weather do this, or what? It hasn't dropped any leaves, but they still are coppery brown. I'm hoping that it will start making new ones soon.

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NOVAnewbie(7a NoVa)

I have the same problem. The grwoth on my established camelias has been amazing but this year, the leaves AND the buds are all copper. What happened? late frost? mineral deficiency? I would appreciate hearing any reponses you get from your initial inquiry -- NOVAnewbie

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The problem may be spider mites. Spider mite damage is seen through the top of the leaves and will turn them bronze and if left untreated, the leaf will turn almost white. Usually starts down the center of the leaf. YOu can be sure of this by turning the leaf over. You'll see a very fine "dust-like" substance on the bottom of the leaf. This is not like scale which can look like white-cotton candy. It brushes or wipes off easily. You can treat with a horticultural oil, but you have to make contact with the mites for it to work. Simply washing off helps, but they often return. You can also use a miticide.

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jean001(z8aPortland, OR)

Coppery bronzing of the leaves during winter is due to damage from cold weather, but not necessarily a frost.

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