Need advice on new sasanqua

Janice_in_socalApril 20, 2005

hi- I recently purchased a pink camellia that is suppose to be fairly low growing - a sasanqua, I believe. I need to put this in a large container as I am in a condo without a yard. Is this a plant that needs a trellis stake in the pot or is it just a sprawling plant? I have never grown a camellia before so any advice is greatly appreciated. All I know is that I love them and this one just threw itself into my cart! Janice

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jenny_in_se_pa(USDA7 Sunset 32)

I have a young C. sasanqua 'Cleopatra' start (got it last fall from the PHS plant divide here in Philly) in a small container (8" for now). Camellias in general are slow growing and upright, but I believe the sasanquas are a bit more open habit than japonicas. Does yours have a single main step with branches or multiple branches? I can see a multibranch form perhaps splaying open if there are young branches in heavy bloom but the branches should toughen over time and I expect they can be tied at the base to encourage an upright form.

Also, I would recommend not potting it up too much. One to two sizes above whatever it is in right now should be sufficient as these shrubs/trees can get root rot with too much container volume, since they tend to have mostly surface roots..

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Jenny is right that you should grow your plant in containers that increase in size increments slowly. You don't want your plant to be sitting in a large pile of stagnant soil.

Sasanquas are commonly sold and grown attached to a trellis. However, they do beautifully if trained to be a tree form, as well. You would accomplish this by carefully removing the lower branches as the shrub develops and matures.

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jane_socal(Sunset 23/z10)

Janice, there's no "should" about trellises. The growth habits of sasanquas differ greatly with variety -- there are taller upright ones, bushy ones, and ones with low arching habits (such as a showa-no-sakae). If you took one of the latter to trellis, you'd be fighting its natural tendency. Ideally, if you wanted one to screen a balcony, you'd pick one with a more upright habit. If you have a tag that came with yours, it would help to determine how to treat it. Not that you couldn't trellis (or maybe espalier) a lower one, but it won't give you the privacy you might expect from a taller variety.

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longriver(SF Bay Area)

Some C sasanqua are bushy, upright grower, and some, low spreader. It is such a good habby plant that you can observe the plant to shape it accordingly by pruning or with stalk.

Best of all you may form it into a Bonsai. Bonsai size can be nimi, small, medium and large. It will take some sun. Keep the potting mix moist but never keep it too wet continuously.

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