New leaves all yellow on two year old camellia

ginjjApril 11, 2005


I planted a one gallon Buddah Reticulata in 2003. It came from a well known public garden so should be a good specimen. It did have two beautiful blooms this winter. My concern is that all the new leaves are yellow and have been since they opened about a month ago. I keep looking for them to green up but no real change so far. We have had a very wet winter. It is planted on a slight mound and the drainage below should be ok. Should I worry or do anything? Thanks

Ginny in San Jose

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Lunaflora21(z8 WA)

Hi Ginny,
What kind of yellow are we talking here-- a golden tint? completely lemon yellow? yellow with green veins? With a better description or picture, it would be easier to diagnose the problem, if there is one (shich it seems there may be). A couple things that I can think of that would make the new leaves more yellow colored would be either a nutrient deficiency, or sometimes if Camellias are planted in high light situations (they usu.prefer partial or full shade) their leaves will turn a yellowy, or bronze-ish color. How are the lower leaves?


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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Yellowing new leaves on an acid loving plant could indicate an iron deficiency. What is the pH of your soil?

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Opps, forgot to get back to this question. Thanks for the ideas. I also talked to a member of our local camellia society who said it is most likely the fact that when it was leafing out it was in full sun. The trees that shade it in the summer are deciduous. A fact I didn't think about when I planted it! It may be a lost cause for camellias in this spot. The lower leaves are green, it's just the new leaves from this spring. I haven't checked the Ph but should. Thanks again

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