Camellia buds don't open fully --flower blight?

lafu115(7)April 21, 2013

I have a camellia "Lisa" that has bloomed fine twice before. This time the buds only opened partially and some buds have fallen off. The partially opened blooms are soft and squishy and there are a few brown spots on the outside of the buds. Is this flower blight? It's about two years old.

Right next to the Lisa camellia I have a Camellia Japonica Katie Supreme. I planted it two years ago (3 gal size) and it has never formed buds before this year. This year it formed buds and they finally started to open then it seemed to stop. I haven't seen any brown spots and no buds have dropped.

Any ideas about either problem? Anything I can do in the future to help prevent this?

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The first one sounds like flower blight. The second one could be but it also could be caused by wildy girating temperatures and-or soil moisture. I have had winters when well timed temp changes made the shrubs stop blooming and then they restarted several weeks to a month later.

There is not much one can do when Mother Nature interferes... other than plant camellias that bloom earlier (sasanquas for example) or later (one of the April Series for example).

See the link below for camellia flower blight info by the American Camellia Society.

Here is a link that might be useful: Camellia Flower Blight by the ACS

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