Identification of Mystery Camellia

jay_7bsc(8a)April 4, 2010

We have a beautiful Oriental red semi-double to informal double japonica that I've never be able to identify. It was a gift from a local nurseryman, now long out-of-business. He didn't know the variety but rooted cuttings from a tree-sized specimen for his customers. The mother tree grew in the heart of the nursery yard sheltered by either loblolly or slash pines. This camellia blooms midseason to late and has medium to large blooms. Its stamens are unusual in that they are light red or dark pink, tipped with yellow. The leaves are almost black green and are very waxy. It grows very slowly and spreads fairly widely. It's also slightly pendulous. I think it could be a 'Pensacola Red' but am not sure of that. If anyone can suggest names of other Oriental red japonicas bearing red stamens, I would appreciate it. Our plant is in Zone 7b in a longleaf pine grove.

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If the petals are unusually narrow, it might be Chandleri, an old variety. (Not the same as Chandleri Elegans.) Its petal forms make the flower look a little bit like a rounded-off star.

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Thanks for suggesting the heirloom variety 'Chandleri.' I looked at its picture in Sterling Macoboy's _Encyclopedia of Camellias_. The flower forms of the two cultvars are, however, different; and our plant has never shown any white in its petals.

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