O. Gurkenii

JGW3(7)April 21, 2013

OK I know it's a bromeliad, I hope no one gets too worked up about me posting here. But, it seems like this forum really has a lot more traffic and some really knowledgeable people. But I was wondering if anyone knows of anyone growing this guy? I have had one about a year and a half and it really is my favorite. In appearance its more like a succulent than a bromeliad anyhow. Just wanted to check and see if anyone has one and see what kind of experience they have had or if anyone has any good information it them.

Hope I dont get in trouble for posting about a non succulent here.


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rosemariero(Z9 SW SUNDiegoCA)

No, I don't think anyone will get worked up about it, John. It's a drought tolerant plant...so somewhat fits. I was going to ask you what the 'O' stood for, but then figured the gurkenii name was odd enough to get me some hits on Google. It DID! =) Orthophytum gurkenii it is!

Now that I've seen pix of that lovely striped thing...I think I MUST HAVE one! Hee hee! The inflorescence (if that's what I saw) was quite unique. right up my alley!

I think we've had posts about Cryptanthus & other broms before. No prob!

I'm sorry to say I don't have one & don't know anything about their care. Perhaps someone else will come along that can help you. :)

I've had my share of Broms over the years, but not that one.

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Its pretty funny how I got it. I bought it on Ebay. Literally thought I was bidding something completely different. Then I thought that I totally over paid for it. I gave like 12 bucks shipped for it. Then when I went looking all that I could find was a seed or too. Anyhow its now my favorite but has been indoors all year and it turning green. Hoping that warmer weather, a re pot and a little sunshine with do it some good and bring back those awesome colors. Maybe even get it to flower so that I can trade away some babies for my next big find.

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