Zone 8 tall early Camellia?

rainwytch(z8 Seattle)April 26, 2007

Hi. I'm looking for a tall privacy screen as part of a wildlife-friendly yard. Someone recommended "Camellia Sanguinia" but that doesn't seem to be the right name. The description was a tall, relatively fast-growing Camellia with bright, very early blooming (Dec/Jan Zone 8) flowers that the hummingbirds love.

Any ideas about what variety it might be? Thanks!

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I think you are looking for Camellia Sasanqua. Sasanquas are an early bloomer and the taller varieties make a great screen. They come in many different varieties, sizes & colors, however most would not be called fast growing. You should be able to find plenty of information on the net or check out the American Camellia Society. In Louisiana the Sasanquas start blooming in the fall, followed by the Japonicas all the way into the early spring.


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Hello, rainwytch. I agree with Bob: Sasanqua is the name that you probably heard. But Japonicas may be the ones you need if you want blooms in December/January. Sasanquas start blooming early in the fall (September, etc) while Japonicas start blooming closer to the winter months that you mentioned.

Generally speaking, few sasanquas bloom as late as December/January but some do. Some examples are Yuletide (red, single) and Shishi Gashira (pink, semi-double). You will probably find more Japonica varieties blooming in December than you will find Sasanquas varieties blooming in December.

As Bob pointed out, camellias are not fast growers by any measure though. That is why tall nursery plants are so expensive (the nursery has to grow them for years before they get that tall).

Just wondering, is the whole length of the privacy fence going to be somewhat shaded? All camellias require part shade, i.e., about 4 hours of sun, preferably morning sun or dappled sun.


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rainwytch(z8 Seattle)

Thanks! I do think that Sasanqua is what he meant. I'm less concerned about the bloom time than height and rate of growth. Anything from fall through winter will help out the hummingbirds, especially if the variety has bright flowers.

The spot along the fence isn't perfect for camellias, but he thought they would do OK. It is north of the house and has some partial shade, but probably less than recommended. It is also somewhat damp, but not completely waterlogged.

Thank you for your suggestions.

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