description of caterpillar - no picture

carol23_gwJuly 28, 2010

My computer is not accepting the camera card so I cannot post a photo.

Today I found a big fat solid green caterpillar. It has 4 tiny orange protrusions on one end, and one small orange protrusion at the other end.

One set of tiny orange protrusions( further from the end and above the first set) has a very thin black band around it ( seen under a hand lens)

Thanks for your help. I looked at one on line green caterpillar site and the closest I came to it was a Peridea species.

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jrcagle(z7 MD)

"big, fat, and solid" sounds like a moth caterpillar. Have you considered either a Giant Silkworm (such as Luna Moth Actias luna or the Polyphemus Moth Antheraea polyphemus) or else some kind of Sphinx Moth (such as the Tomato Hornworm Manduca quinquemaculata)?

Even if those are not an exact match, the shape of the larvae is representative of the entire family.


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misssherry(Z8/9SE MS)

By projections, do you mean something like the ones on these sweetbay moth caterpillars?


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Yes. This was a solid green caterpillar. It has two sets of tiny orange projections ( not like a saddleback which has stung me while gardening) on one end, and one tiny orange thing on the other end. There were no stripes, just a seam along the sides near the underside of it. I could not tell which end was front! LOL.

I looked through one site that had 70 pictures of green caterpillars and could not find a match.

It had to be a moth and it was a large caterpillar. I've seen tomato types but don't think that's it.

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