Help! I think my my Camellia is dead?

kgd25April 2, 2014

We pruned the bush in October and the bush has still yet to grow one leaf? I am scared that my husband killed the plant, but I can't tell? I figured now that it is Spring, it would have some growth. I don't want to dig it up if it's not dead, but I don't know? Help!

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How much pruning are you talking about? Does it have any leaves now?

Some of my early blooming japonicas decided to bloom, sleep and start finishing their bloomage now. I have not noticed new leaves opening here yet so you may just want to wait and continue watering to keep the soil as evenly moist as possible. I fertilize later this month; if you think there may be a problem, do not fertilize now as stressed plants should not be fertilized.

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they can be slow to recover from heavy pruning. give it some time, scratch the outer layer of the stems and look for green underneath. if green, it is alive. i have pruned a couple of plants back to practically bare stems after some damage from home renovations and they did not flower for a few years.

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