Are 'Pink Icicle' and 'Autumn Pink Icicle' the same thing?

lceh(7)April 30, 2009

I have a 7-year-old "Pink Icicle" camellia I dearly love. It is cold-hardy, and has gorgeous, shell-pink, peony form blooms sporadically from October-March, then in March it is absolutely covered in blossoms. It grew very quickly and is now about 10' tall. I decided to plant a matching one on the other end of the house, so I asked my local nursery to order one. I just picked it up and glanced at the tag, and was worried to see that it's called "Autumn Pink Icicle", and is described as slow-growing to 4' with hot pink blooms in the fall. Do I have the right plant? I know size and exact color characterizations are kind of subjective, but I wouldn't consider the blossoms on my current bush to be "hot" pink in any circumstance. I also wouldn't consider it to be a slow grower, as it went from 3' to over 10' in 7 years. Please advise, camellia experts! I don't want to plant it if I don't have the right thing. I tried an internet search but the results were kind of inconclusive.

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autumn pink icecycle is a separate variety from pink icecycle. I have both plants, the autumn pink is a hybrid. It is a deep pink is a semi-double, where the pink icecycle is a shell pink peony form .

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