Burpee in Canada

northerner_on(Z5A ONCanada)March 8, 2014

Several years ago I received a home-gardener booklet from Burpee only to discover the seed was not available here, and that they did not ship to Canada. Last weekend while looking for some Thyme seed, I discovered a sizeable display of Burpee seeds at Loblaws of all places. The seeds were reasonably priced and after buying a few packets, I recalled recent rumours about Burpee being owned by Monsanto and went to their site today. You may want to read what the owner of the company had to say about this matter here:


It's interesting and very informative.


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I was actually disappointed to see that my local Superstore (we don't have Loblaws out West) had replaced their McKenzie seeds with Burpee. Now, there is less selection, prices aren't any cheaper in fact I think it's a bit more, and there are fewer seeds in the packets.

In general, it's hard to gauge the value of seed brands these days because rather than increase the price, a lot of seed companies just give you fewer seeds. I would only buy Burpee seeds if there was no other alternative for that variety.

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