Is Professor Sargent hardy for zone 7a?

ikea_gwApril 14, 2011

Bought a nice plant of this at a big box store today but now I don't know if this is hardy for my area. I am in northern virginia. Anyone in zone 7a grow this? Do I have to provide extra winter protection to get nice flowers? Thanks!!

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Yes, ikea_gw, it is hardy in Zone 7 and, by the way, it is a nice red flower too. No protection is usually needed. Weather that stays warm for a long time and then dips to freezing can cause flower bud drop. So can extreme temperature fluctuations. If you can block the cold winter winds with some form of wind break and maintain 3-4" of mulch, that would be all the winter protection for me. Do remember to water it during dry winters though , especially if the ground does not freeze & remember to stop all fertilizers by the end of July. Luis

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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA


See my (poor quality) video of my Prof Sargent! It has been very hardy for me. I'm also in Northern Virginia -- in Annandale. I have it in a Northwest exposure. No winter morning sun. It gets late afternoon sun. The buds have been very hardy. It is an early to mid-season bloomer for me...late March, early April.

Prof Sargent video link

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dave, that is a very healthy looking camellia you have there. Now I know it will definitely be hardy for me. Just need to find a good spot for it! Thanks!

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