Late bloomer.... Will it always be so?

joannembApril 30, 2013

I ordered a few April Snow camellias last Spring and was so disappointed while all throughout April the buds did not open. I figured they were frost damaged, but wouldn't you know they are starting to open today! I am very excited and am wondering, anyone in zone 6 have this variety, and is it usually a later bloomer for you, or was this just a fluke? I would love actually if it would bloom in May....since our Aprils are usually so cold and rainy we are often not outside to enjoy them.

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Had this happen to me too in Z8/7. My japonicas (does not include April Snow) -this year- were very late blooming. Very unusual. In prior years, they have bloomed as early as December/January but this year, bloomage was delayed until March! I am guessing that the mild winter caused temperature drops that sent the plants into a slumber several times.

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