Camellia Pruning

debra_2010April 4, 2010

I inherited 3 LARGE camellias, I think they are C. japonicas, when I bought a house. They are 10-15 feet tall and oddly placed next to each other (probably because of 60 years of growth). A couple of them have spotted, yellowing leaves. They are at the end of their blooming season. I have a photo I would love to post but I don't think the forum accepts photos, but I can send it for further clarification.

My question is should I prune them, how, and when??? I'm really feeling they need to be harnessed in to maximize health and blooms.

Any comments from cultivators of 50+ year old camellias would be much appreciated.



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Minor pruning should be done at any time but severe pruning is best done after blooming. Here is a link to an article about pruning.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pruning Camellias by the A.C.S.

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