Need Help Quickly About Feeding Injured Butterfly

gwynne2006July 14, 2007

I have a BST butterfly that didnt get all the way out of its chrysalis and one wing is chrushed. I dont have the heart to kill it. He is two days old now and has been nectaring in my garden and I dont know how much nectar is in my garden.

I have heard sometimes people give them watermelon. I have also heard of gatorade, but a certain flavor. Does anyone know what flavor they drink? What about other combinations? Even though I know this poor boy wont live long, I want him to have the proper nourishment. Thank you.

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Some people use Juicy Juice. Some use the clear and watermelon Gatorade.

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Thank you for the quick response.

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Melon Gatorade is what some places use in their feeders. At Greathouse Butterfly Farm, they use a q-tip dipped in it and butterflies will come land on it and drink from it.

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Why don't you try a repair to his wing. There is a site called that has a hospital section which will guide you step by step,complete with pics on how to repair a wing. It's certainly worth a try!

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I ended up with some berry gatorade as they didnt have clear or watermelon gatorade. I think he drank his fill earlier though. He had fallen and when I put him on back on the flowers, he was just jumping from flower to flower nectaring and I dont know how much nectar they need. He didnt seem interested in the gatorade, but then, he doesnt seem interested in the flowers right now so maybe he got the nourishment he needs for the time being.

Butterflutter, I dont have a spare wing. And I really dont think it is that easy to do. If I could, I would fix his wing because I feel very badly.

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Can I please hi-jack this? I have one too, we found it today, less then a month after our last one flew off (some minor wing damage ther ebut he can sure fly!) This one looks like heck, her wings are in bad condition and she is missing a leg. We mixed up some sugar water for her but I cant let her suffer if I can help it. I will try Melon Gatorade tomorrow when the stores open but I could really use a little advice on helping this poor thing live a happy life. Please help.

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