End of life?

hello8May 26, 2009

We live in Northern California and have several large camelias that must be more than 50 years old. Last fall two of the camelias on the end seem to have died. No new growth has occurred this spring. They have always flowered, though these two were never as thick as the others. (We don't really prune them much.) What could have caused this? We will plan on cutting them down to the root. Not sure if it would make sense to plant new camelias again in that spot. Is there a life span to camelias?

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Hello, hello8. Camellias, if given proper care, can live way past your great grand children. There are many examples of centuries-old camellias in Europe and the Far East (say, the 17th century and before); obviously, these are well cared for specimens.

Without knowing why your plants died, I cannot say that planting another camellia is a bad idea. Have you checked if there is a lack of moisture or too much moisture in that section? Too much or too little water could have hurt the plants; too much water could have caused root rot. Camellia canker & dieback is another possibility (it is a fungal infection) but I have not heard much about this problem in California. Have you done a soil test recently? There could have been insects behind this problem too. Some pests will drill holes on trees, deposit eggs and the larvae will kill the trees (or at least the part above where the eggs were deposited).

Perhaps an American Camellia Society Club in California can give you more possibilities on what happened. Check the link below.


Here is a link that might be useful: Camellia Clubs in California

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Thank you -- if anything, it could be due to too little water.

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I attribute atmospheric aerosol spraying operations (ie chemtrails/weather modification) to have killed one of my mature C. sinensis....

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