when to plant my peony?

luckynes13(6a)March 27, 2013

I got a peony from TSC a couple of days ago. Know I am wondering what I shound do with it and when I should plant it? I think it is a little cold right now,so should I pot it indoors for a little while until it is safe to plant out? Advice needed. Thank you.

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Are you in Ontario? I would normally start off my peonies in containers, temporarily, until the grounds are warm enough and the dangers for freezing is gone. So either late April or early May. In anycase, assuming this is a bare root plant, do not expect the plant to flower the same year. It would do that the following year - maybe just a flower and in the year following it will come up with more blooms.

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Yes, I am from Ontario. ianna. I decided to take your advice. Just did it.

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