Camellia japonica 'Adamastor'

okintosMay 5, 2010

Camellia japonica ÂAdamastorÂ

Florence-2007, once asked me "Adamastor", an old Portuguese variety that was not located. In April, as every year, members of the SEC, visit historic gardens Portuguese. A Portuguese fan (Antonio Concepsâo, Flavius Nursery), I have known for years told me I had a picture on your web page. He has a nursery and sold to fans Galician camellias.


Daniel D.F.oKintos

---International Camellia Register ICS---

Adamastor. (C.japonica), Loureiro, Catalogue No.9, 1872-1873: Vivid red with splashes of white.

Orthographic errors: ÂAdanaster, ÂAdmasterÂ. Originated in Portugal.

Here is a link that might be useful: Camellia japonica 'Adamastor'

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Thank you so much. I will try to get cuttings from him as I have not located 'Adamastor' in the US.

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Daniel, I 'googled' both the name of the nursery as well as Antonio Concepsao and got no results. Do you know how I can contact the nursery?

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Antonio J. S. Assunçâo

Hi Florence-2007.
I apologize. Cocepçâo is not the name of António. I was wrong. The correct name is: António J.S. Assunção. The always scolds me fondly, when you call "Concepçâo".
Your e-mail address is:

Here is a link that might be useful: Flavius Nursery

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