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BERGER123(4b-5a)July 2, 2014

I wen t up to my hunting cabin and collected two female Harris checkerspot ,two female Canadian tiger swallowtail,two female viceroys,two female white admiral and one female american lady. I decided to do kinda a study to see different preferences of females choose locations and host plants. The Canadian tigers have not become used to captivity cause they usually take a week to a week and a half. The american lady had two host plant options. They were prealy everlasting and pussytoes. She laid six eggs on pussytoes and she laid 15 eggs on prealy everlasting. The female Harris checkerspots laid eggs on flat topped white aster. The weirdest of all was the limenitis. They do the limenitis slide. That's where they fly to the middle of the leaf and slide down until they are at the very tip and lay an egg. But there's females are cray. They laid eggs on the underside of the tips on stems and middle of the leafs and on top of each other. I had five host plants. I had paper birch, black cherry, chokecherry, sand bar willow and quaking aspen. They laid one egg on paper birch that was from a viceroy. No eggs on sand bar willow, chokecherry,black cherry. And the rest were on quaking aspen.

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docmom_gw Zone 5 MI(5)

You've got quite a busy spot for butterflies. I'm jealous of your variety. Keep up the great work.


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More results this time with black swallowtails
I found that female black swallowtails prefer to lay eggs on the host plant they were laid on. She was raised on parsley and she has laid 10 eggs on parsley and three on rue and none on dill and golden alexzanders. And thanks Martha.

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bernergrrl(z5 IL)

How are the Harris' doing?

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They are doing really good. I ordered six flat topped aster from one of our native nursery and all the caterpillars are in their little nests. I got a new garden son I need a lot more plants. If I live in an area with red spotted purples and white admearls should I release the pure breed whites with the hybrids red spotted purple? If I need to clarify just tell thanks

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bernergrrl(z5 IL)

Yes. They hybridize naturally in some parts of the country. When I lived in NH, I always found hybridized ones. Pretty cool!

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Should I release them or no? Thanks

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