Hey You! Hiryu Camellia Vernalis (NOT Kanjiro)

pdez(Alabama)May 2, 2007

I just wanted to report that, after two failed attempts, I think I finally have found the perfect camellia for a very sunny spot -- Hiryu. It gets tons of afternoon sun and seems very happy. Also, I researched cold-hardiness and learned that Hiryu had survived some terrible freezes. We had one of those late-spring freezes last month, and despite terrible looking Japanese maples, and totally blackened needlepoint holly, Hiryu came through all smiles, with just some very minor damage to emerging new growth, and no damage to existing leaves. It looks much better than the c. sasanqua in my yard. So I'm nominating Hiryu as the hardiest of all the camellias (competing in my yard with white japonicas, mine no yuki, kanjiro, chansonette, and alabama beauty), excepting of course varieties developed specifically for cold hardiness.

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forrestal(Gulf Coast z8b)

Let us know how it turns out and please post a photo this fall. I planted about 10 varieties in south Huntsville this past winter, all doing well. The colder climate gets blamed for a lot of problems in the northern part of the camellia state, and while some of that is deserved, I think it is overstated. We need to dispel the myths. There are some fabulous outdoor camellia collections in north Alabama.

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